Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This was my latest find at my favorite thrift store - Saver's.

It would cost me more than the $4.00 I paid to round up all the supplies.
I think I will hang it above the arch leading into my den.

The red print says -- all because two people fell in love.

Enjoy your Family!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Chalkboard Labels

Wow, I got up this morning and checked my email and saw that Pick your Plum had my labels - hee hee.
So, I thought I'd better show you what I did.

I like the BIG one with two clothes pins.

I really like these.  I open bags sometimes and forget when I did it.  This way, I can keep the bag closed and know when I opened it.

It all started with these cuties that I got at Michael's (no longer $1.00, but, $1.50).  I loved them, but, they were not big enough for some of the things I wanted to label.

So, I looked and found these cute rectangles for really cheap.  They were in the kids craft section (they also have circles).

I just took my clothes pins apart and panted them all white.  I also painted my little ones that aren't shown.

I used the small ones from Michael's in my office.

I think they are so cute.

Now, I want to make them in different colors.  I made the pink ones for my youngest daughter, Jean.  

Remember when I found this cute little container?  Go here to see.  I love it in my office, but, I want to find another one for my girls makeup.  How cute would that be.

Anyway, the projects are endless and so is the size.  Happy Labeling!

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Entryway Shelf

Wow, summer is in full force here in Arizona. This week, temperatures will be in the 110 to 114 degree range.  I think it is safe to say, it is HOT.  I know I am a little late with my summer entryway shelf, but, here it is.  I still don't think it is done, so, I may tweak here and there.

Eggs, or bird?  I'm leaning more towards the little birdie.

I am still embellishing my little birdhouse.   I am, however, digging the little feet on it.  These little houses are so much fun, and, for $1.00 each, you can put them anywhere.

I could not part with my eggs in a nest from Easter.  I know that I will eventually have to take it down -- maybe December -- ha ha.

This is so tweet, I brought it in from outside.

That is the end of my little tour.  I hope you are having a safe and cool summer.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

All Tied Up - Ribbon Holder

Hi everyone.  I have been gone for a lonnnnng time baby.  Things have truly been crazy.  My Uncle Bill's battle with cancer is over, and, my father-in-law has been moved home so grandma can be with him.    School is out, my daycare numbers are really low and my kids are still super busy with sports, work and friends.  I have been working on this project (it has been almost done for 5 months) for a while.  I decided to finish it when my daughter was helping herself to more of my ribbon.  My greatest fear is that an animal is using all of the pieces to build a nest in her room -- YUCK.  So, here it is:

She is such a jock -- but loves her girlie side.

I started with a piece of wood I got from Micheal's for about 1.50 with a 40% coupon.  Love those coupons.

I painted it a turquoise blue and picked out zebra print to go with it.

I LOVE mod podge.

I painted a few clothes pins and attached them with some hot glue.  I put a few ribbons on for now.  It will be such fun finding all the little stragglers under her bed : 0

Oh, I have been dabbling with a few beads -- so much fun.

There it is.  I just used a picture hanger thingy on the back so it can be hung up in her room.

Thanks for stopping by  ; )