Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Hate Paper Work & Burlap Wreath

I hate paper work.  I really tried to stay on task.  I even went to Target to get labels for my label maker.  This is what I saw at the Dollar Spot (I always check the dollar spot): 

I think they are pretty cool.  So pretty cool I bought them in three sizes.  I will put cash/coupons in one (for my purse), receipts will go in another one (13 tabs) for my daycare business.  This big one, I will use for appliance manuals, rebates, etc.

Just putting paper in them was BORING.  So, I decided to put paper on them:

I think they are pretty.

I just used scrapbook paper and mod podge.  The flower was from my menu board I made here.  I will totally use it because it is pretty and fits nicely in my purse.

I LOVE rosettes.  Filing receipts won't be so bad.

While at Target, I wanted to look for something, a sign or poster, to welcome my kiddos back.  I really didn't see anything like that.  So I just came home.

When I got home and was looking at all my unused, unloved paper from the 90's, I decided to jump on, and, make it a banner welcome.  Pardon the pun (hee hee)

There you go, paper work isn't quite as bad now.  Oh, I am totally a coopy cat (get it coopy instead of copy), and got the idea from a blog.  I know if you type in Burlap Ruffle Wreath, you will find it.  I got my thin twiggy wreath from the dollar store, along with the jute.  The only bad part is wrapping the entire wreath with jute.  It took me a couple of evenings, after the kids went home, to do it.  The burlap I already had.   I just used my glue gun and folded and glued.   Here it is with my rosettes and flower:

I got the biggest wreath I could find.  This is my favorite thing.  I just change up the decorations for whatever holiday.
See you back soon.  Gotta get back to my mail station and bills. 


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Friday, July 29, 2011

21 Day Challenge - Happy Friday

I am just getting ready for the weekend.  I love a clean table top.  This is my other favorite corner.  I love this table.  It is not expensive or anything.  I just remember when we got it.  It was for a our first home.  We got it at the Home depot.  My husband and father in-law stained it and sealed it right before Thanksgiving.  It was our first holiday meal as a married couple and my mother in-law's family was coming.  The polyurethane wasn't dry just a couple of hours before our company was expected, so, we turned up the heat, had a fan blowing at them, and even a blow dryer trying to dry all the chairs in time.  I think we ended up using the patio chairs from outside.  Anyway, it was a good time and we had so much to be thankful for (especially the fact we just picked up some outside chairs at the flee market the weekend before-ha).

I need curtains, but, have never really known what to do.  If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

This is a picture from Homes and Gardens.  I have started a project book.  I love the way this looks and want to get new chairs for my sweet little table.

I know we picked two of these gunny sack pictures from a garage sale in Colorado. I actually have two.  One hangs in the TV room.  The sign on top says GIVE THANKS.  The give is hidden - opps.

This in on the other wall.

Ok, I think this is what they call a "Hot Spot".

I think it is more like a "Wild Fire".  I can never keep this counter clean.  I even have a cork board next to the wall just waiting to be used for something.

Ahh, much better.  I took the picture and now my coffee cup, camera, phone, and mail is already on that counter.  (ARGG)

Now on to the next challenge -- PAPER.  I had to clean off the table so I would have a place put all my stuff after I cleaned off the counter and gathered all my piles, binders, etc. for the next challenge. 

Oh, that's where were everything from the kitchen counter went : }
This might take me a while -- see you soon.  If I don't post in a couple of days, send someone for me ; ]

Thursday, July 28, 2011

21 Day Challenge - Fridge and Freezer

Sorry about the pictures.  They are dark, even with the flash.  The sky looks like it may storm.  I love the smell of rain in Arizona.  I have lived in Texas and Colorado, but, rain only smells this good in Arizona.
Can you believe the frog was found in this country?!

Back to fridge.  Here are my before pics:

You just have to go, eweeee

I took everything out and cleaned it well with baking soda and water.  I purged all uneaten leftovers, and put things back.

We have a lot of condiments.

I know the pictures are dark, sorry again.  But the one cool thing I have in there, is that green Tupperware container.  It was made to hold celery.  I use it as sandwich tray.  We eat a lot of sandwiches, so, I just pull it out and it has everything in it.  Mayo, mustard, cheeses and lunch meat, it makes it real easy to make lunch for hungry little ones fast.

The freezer was just messy (four kids in it all day long)

I pulled everything out and cleaned it.  Got rid of all freezer burned (gray) food and sorted the shelves by:  sweet/breakfast, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, pizzas, tater tots etc., veggies, and meat.

I know it is all clean and organized.

This is what the little ones were doing.  So good.

I am getting there.  Tomorrow, mail and bills (arggg).

The FROG days of summer

 Last night, I heard a lot of commotion after I went to bed.  My kids are all 12 and older, so, during the summer their bedtime is a little later.  When I got up to see what was going on, this is what I found.

Meet Fred.  He wondered onto our patio.  I always have a little pool for my little ones.  I know for most of you, this is not unusual, but, for us, it is amazing since we live in the desert.  We don't even have grass.  In Arizona, it is our monsoon season.  We do get evening storms and a little (or a lot) of moisture.  I guess the rain the night before last, produced this little guy.

Have a froggy day.  I will be back later with more of my 21 Day Challenge. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

21 Day Challenge - Laundry Room

WooHoo, another room accomplished.  I love to look at peoples laundry rooms.  I Heart Organizing just redid hers and it is beautiful.  The House of Smiths has a chandelier in hers.  I want mine to pretty, but, for now, it's just a laundry room.  Nothing fancy.  It holds supplies and dirty clothes for six people, and most of my craft supplies.  On top of all that, it is small.  So, here goes:

When I put these white book cases in here, I thought it would really help me.  Wow, when you take a picture of it, it looks horrible.  I have a lot to do.

This is where everyone puts unwantedd items.  Do you have a room like that?  I found a softball bat, a bag Goodwill donation bag, and the hamsters running wheel.  That was just in the clothes alone.  (I took all of the clothes out to shield you from that mess).

Ok, It is still pretty chaotic, but, it is a little more organized.  I have craft supplies in the stacking white baskets.  The shelf with the wooden box holds my daycare Treasure Box.  I put toys and things in there for the kids to earn.  Paper is in the file type boxes on the bottom.  The left side of the book case holds cookbooks, fabric, glue and styrofoam balls.

I have two stacking bins in the corner.  Oh, and I use my old paper towel holders to hold most of my ribbon.  Your can kind of see it on top and in the corner.

It holds stamps, ink, stickers, ribbon, etc. for scrapbooking and stamping.

Here is my washer and dryer.  They are used Every Day.  At least two loads and I still have a montain.  That is one chore I will be never be caught up on.  If you have a great laundry schedule, please help me and let me know.

These are my cleaning supplies.  I want to go natural (Shaklee) but, I have to use my arsenal first.  I love the turn tables.  They work great.  I can see everything I have.

On top, I keep even more craft supplies in the baskets above.  All my fabric and acrylic paint is in one, and candy molds and christmas supplies are in the other one.

Welll thats it for today.  Tomorrow is another day and another task.  Thanks for stopping by.

21 Day Challenge - Side Table

Happy Tuesday everybody.  I hope you had a great weekend.  I am back and getting ready to jam in my laundry room.  I only have a week left to get caught up and, of course, I am in the starting gate late.  I did organize my little side table in my living room.  That is where I sit in the moring with my coffee and Bible.  I can't get going unless I have a cup of coffee (or two, or three) and time with God.  This is where I do it.   

The little chair on the floor is my 'Time Out" chair.  It has no legs (ha ha)

The draws are a catch all.  Oh, there is my little hammer.

I cleaned them all out and put pens, highlighters, thank you notes, and cards in the top drawer.  When praying for someone, it is easy to drop them a line when they are fresh on your mind.

I put all my power cords in here (camera, camcorder, Ipod, etc...)

I also have a drawer for my portable TV and Walkman. 

I got this for only $5.00 at Hobby Lobby yesterday.  I think it is so pretty.  That is another thing on my (growing) to do list.  Make new pillows.

All organized and ready for me in the morning.

I found this little basket at Savers (it sits right on top of my table).  I think it was only .50.  I put my Bible, devotion book, and clippers.  I can never find clippers when I need them.  On the bottom, is my notebook for prayer requests.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pantry Sign

A while back (before my blogging days), I found this framed wall hanging.  When I bought it, it had vinyl cars, like for a little boys room.  I took the cars off as soon as I got home and was left with this.

I got my burlap out and made some rosettes (there are so many good tutorials out there if you don't know how to make them), and I got a sprig of sunflowers too.

I do like the country look


I got my Cricut and cut Pantry out of vinyl and stuck it on.

This was above my pantry before.

And this is now.

I used to have accordion style shutter doors on my pantry.  They were cute, but, my kids were always bumping into them and breaking them.  I think I went through four sets of doors before my husband said, "no more".   I hated not being able to close the doors (you saw how bad it can get), so, I just put up a shower rod and a cute curtain from WalMart.  I like how easy it is to take care of (wash when it gets dirty), but, I hope to change the style soon.


Here are my cute little chalkboard jars.  They sit on a butcher block in the middle of my kitchen.

No kitchen is complete without it's chalkboard menu board.  : )
I made it with an old picture frame,  I painted the frame and the glass with chalkboard paint.

There you go, have a great week.                     Rhonda