Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Challenge #1 -- Junk Drawer

I have started the 21 Day Challenge hosted by A Bowl Full of Lemons.  I know I am late and cannot link to her party, but, I am really exited to start.  If you still haven't done it, please start with me and we will do it together.    The first challenge was a Junk drawer -- so, here is mine:

I emptied everything out and cleaned it with good ole soap and water.

Darn, I forgot to get new shelf paper, but, it's clean........  I sorted through and put the stuff that goes to another area in a box.  This is what I was left with.

I love my labeler and dry erase markers.  I also keep my melting wax in here too.  I will add some chalk soon...

Here are a couple more before pics:

And afters:

I was so exited to use my sectioned basket (from my thrifting trip) that I forgot to take a before picture :}

This is my plastic bag/lunch drawer

I also keep moist wipes for lunch boxes.  During the school year I put plastic spoons, napkins and salt and pepper packets in here too.  It makes it easy to make lunches.  Extra twist ties and B-day candles are in here too.  I label snack bags for easy identification.

This is my controlled mess.  I just can't seen to part with any of my pampered chef gadgets...  ha ha

My thrifty Memorial Day Weekend

Ok, so this weekend my hubby was helping his parents with memorial day flowers and what not.  That left me alone to go thrifting.  I had such a great time and look at the loot I picked up.

sectioned basket

vintage ceiling tiles and white lamp

picture frames

file holder thingy

I am still keeping my eye out for a few specific things, but, all in all, I love what I got.  The little white lamp is going to be transformed and put in my master bathroom.  I have no idea what I am gonna do with that urn, but, I just loved it.  Especially for $5.00.  I also picked up a few picture frames.  I have seen quite a few crafts that I want to try and they all use picture frames.

 I will confess early.  I have a thing for office supplies.  I just love them.  Pens, pencils, paper of any kind, and especially containers.  This file holder thingy really has me exited.  I can hardly wait for the computer desk challenge.

I did find these vintage ceiling tiles.  They have a great pattern, but, are very rusty.  Can anyone tell me how to clean them up?  And how to display them??????????

Ok, the sectioned basket will appear in my next post.  I love reading the Nesting Place with the Nester.  I love how she says it doesn't have to be perfect.  She uses baskets for her utensil drawers and it looks so cool.  I am going for that look and I hope they will evolve into something prettier.

Did anyone else have a great thrifty weekend.  If so please post and let me know.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Bowl Full of Lemons 21 Day Challenge

I know it is late, but, I am going to start this challenge.  I am so excited to get my roost organized.  I swear, if my head was flat, I would use it to stack something on.  Anyway, I will be starting with my (one of many) junk drawer.  Wish me luck and I will see you on Tuesday.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


I have four children.  This is Lee, number two of four, she is such a lovely, athletic, smart, just fun to be around girl.  She is now getting ready to start her life as a young woman.  I look forward to all of our times together and cherish the memories of the ones already made.  Enjoy your children, because, if you blink, they might just grow up.

Have a happy Memorial Day Weekend.

Friday, May 20, 2011

I just have to believe :)

School is almost out -- Yeah

I am so excited, school is almost out and my business slows down in the summer.  I have more time for family and roost.  Visions of paint, organizing baskets and shelf paper excite me.  I do however, have one of my lovely daughters graduating  from high school next week.  Any strategies to get things in order FAST.  Thanks.

Have a great Friday............

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My first link

I just linked to A Bowl Full of Lemons Silhouette give a way.  Wish me luck.....  If you would like to win a free Silhouette machine, please go over to A Bowl Full of Lemons and link up too.  That is one of my most favorite blogs.  Toni is awesome and shares the best information.  I plan on doing her challenges as soon as school is out.   So please stay tuned.........

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My First Ever Post

Thank you for stopping by.  I am a new resident to blog land and love it.  I never knew so much information was out there.  I am a stay at home mom to a husband and four very active kids (church, sports, & school).  I also run a small child care business out of my home.  With so much coming and going,  I sometimes feel like a Martha Stewart wanna be, in Lucille Ball's body.  I giggle a little when things get really crazy, and think about that one episode of  "I love Lucy".   You know that episode.  The one that Lucy is working in a chocolate factory.  Chocolates are everywhere.  In her mouth, down her shirt, and on the floor, and the final outcome is Lucy crying.  Oh, how I can relate..... 

Anyway,  I want to thank all of you for proving to me that crafting can be done at nap time, dinner can be made in 30 minuets,  and organization can be had in just 15 minuets a day.  Please stay tuned to this chickens transformation............