Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter at The Roost

Happy Easter everyone, I am hoping you had a very blessed day.  I got it done just in time to take it down - ha ha..........

Red Hutch

Dining Room

Entryway Shelf


Friday, March 29, 2013

Glass Block for Easter - 2013

I think I will be decorated before Easter - Woo Hoo.  On that note, I almost forgot to post my Easter Glass Block.

I was so excited that I learned how to make a quick and easy bow, I thought I would show you.  You start with a pretty ribbon.  I liked this one (the ribbon with wire on each side works best) from the Dollar Store -- where else right?

You figure out how big you want your bow and roll it about five times.  You can tell how big by taking the roll and folding it in half.

Once you have it folded in half, you snip the middle corners

like so.

When you unfold it, it should look like this.

Take a thin piece of ribbon and tie it right in the middle.

Then you just start pulling and plumping the loops.

Pull one loop into the middle and fan the rest around it.  There you have it.  The more you roll it, the fuller the bow.  Easy Peasy.

This year, I found these cute little sparkle eggs at the Dollar tree and cut the loop off.  They were just small enough to fit into the opening -- yeah.

I know you can barely tell, but, I did hang three of the eggs under the bow.  Oh, and do you see the plastic purple egg?  My kids played a trick on me - he he.  Big stinkers (they are definitely not little anymore).

Happy Easter Everyone.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Eggs on a Stick

I have had this idea in my head for a year now.  I thought of it last year, but, I had no one to drill my holes.  I asked my husband to do it, but, he was/is so busy with my daughters softball and his parents, he really had no time.  So, just last week, I was in the garage and saw the drill.  How hard could it be??  I found drill bits and at least an hour later, I figured out how to change the drill bit.  I plugged it in, started it, and thought that it really isn't that scary.  When I told my son that I was going to drill holes in my wood pieces, he asked me how I was going to hold them while drilling.  Hummmmmm......  That was a good question.  My holding them, apparently wasn't a good idea.  So, I used the vice attached to my husbands work bench.

I know the middle one is a little crooked. but, I did it all by myself.  I now belong to the secret society of  power tools -- Ya Ya!!!!!  

This one is my favorite.

This is what I started with.  I wanted something to go with my new white egg wreath and topiary.  Michael's has these in many different shapes and sizes.  I think this size is about .79 cents.

So, I shot it with the same white paint.  Sanded it, stained it, and glued some pretty paper on the front.  For the stick, I used the same dowels that I used for my ribbon projects.  I just cut them down to make different heights.  The hole was pretty snug, so,  I didn't use any glue.  After the holiday, I plan on drilling a straight hole on the other end and filling the crooked hole in with wood putty.

I used these same ovals last year for my Eggs in a Frame.  I have them on my hutch.

For my first drill project, it's not too bad - just a little crooked - ha ha.  (I got the He Has Risen printable last year -- I can't remember where I got it.  If it is yours?  Please let me know so I can link it to you.)

Happy Easter

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Pretty Easter Candles

Boy, has Easter snuck up on you?  I think this entire year has snuck up on me.  I have been behind since before Christmas -- sigh.  Easter is next weekend, and, I am just finishing my entryway shelf and red hutch decorations.  I love to use candles.  I think they add such a warmth to your home, and, you can change them out easily. I was really hooked on white ones this past summer, and, I think my obsession with them are going to continue through this summer too.  Here they are, all dressed up for Easter.

The Dollar Tree has the best candles.  I hate to spend more than a dollar on a   seasonal candle.  If it doesn't turn out, it wasn't a lot of money wasted.

I thought these were so pretty.  I love the pastel colors, so, I got them for my DC kids.  I didn't realize that they don't like jelly beans.  Who doesn't like jelly beans?  I didn't want to waste, or eat, them.  I think this was my best option.

I made this one first and didn't like the second row of jelly beans.  So, I tried to make a scallop with an additional jelly bean and didn't like it either.  I think the rose sticker adds enough for me not to throw it away yet - ha ha.

I used a very iridescent pink ribbon to go around the candle, and a flower to add pizazz.

Easy and inexpensive.  Did you alter any candles for Easter?


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