Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Canister Set

It has been a while since I've decorated my canister set.  I got them at a yard sale three years ago and still LOVE them.  They are just plain and white with nice flat surfaces which are perfect for stickers. 

I got my Christmas stickers at Michael's.  They're simple,yet, elegant at the same time.

Yum, coffee...

I love how I can change these out for all seasons and holidays.  Do you have Canister Love?

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pretty Candle Holders

I hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas season.  Mine is flying by and I hope I have a couple of post before it is all over.  We have so much going on that I am barely keeping up.  I just put these together this past week.

This is what you need.  Greenery (I got mine from Hobby Lobby right after Thanksgiving), some clear cylinder candle holders (I love the ones at The Dollar Tree), scissors, and double sided tape.

I put some double sided tape around the cylinder like so.

and just started placing the greenery around the cylinder leaving some hanging down off of the bottom.

I trimmed the bottom with regular scissors and that was it.

I tried some pretty Christmas ribbon, but, I like the natural effect of the raffia better.

Add some pretty candles and that is it.  I think the whole thing took me twenty minuets.

Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Fall Sun Catcher Votive

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.  This year is going or has gone by so fast.  I know that the next post will probably be well into the Christmas Season.  

I just haven't had much time to do anything but daycare.  I have a group of new kiddos and they are a handful.  I just realized that they are all the youngest of their families (I am one busy lady).  We were painting plastic sun catchers and I came up with a craft for me to enjoy while they were painting.

Supplies needed:
Glass Votive - I got mine at the Dollar Tree
Sun catcher Paint - from WalMart
Black Sharpie
Black Paint Pen

I used the Sharpie to draw my pumpkins first.  Then I just traced over it with the paint pen.

I used a paint brush to apply the paint and there you have it.  I think it took me twenty min. to produce two.  I know it wouldn't have been that long, but, I had to draw the pumpkins a few times.

This is my dining room table.

I put a couple of candles in them and now I enjoy the soft glow of my candles in the morning while I drink my coffee.

Happy Painting.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  I hope you have a wonderful day of Family and Feast.

I am so very Thankful for everyone of you.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Haunted Pumpkin Patch

I have had this very cool basket for about a year now.  I got it at one of my favorite thrift stores for only a dollar.  It is a perfect fit for the top of my red hutch.

I filled the bottom of the basket with some floral foam and Spanish moss.  The little piece of black fence came from my favorite store, The Dollar Tree.

The orange pumpkins came from there too.  I just found sticks around the yard for the pumpkins and stuck them right into the floral blocks.

I hot glued some fall leaf stickers on the sticks, and 

added some raffia for some interest.

To give it that Halloween effect, I cut some eyes and a mouth out of regular construction paper and used a glue stick to attach it the pumpkins.  I didn't really want anything permanent.

Next came some spider webs and a crow to sit on the fence.

Everything needs spiders......

He does not like spiders - yikes.

It is amazing all the great stuff you can get for a dollar.  My basket was a great thrifted find, but, the floral blocks, Spanish moss, pumpkins, fence, crow, and sign are all Dollar Store items.  How are you using your dollar finds?  

Happy Haunting

DIY Halloween Decorative Balls

Happy Friday everyone.  Wow, and another week has slipped by.  I have been told that the older we get, the faster things go -- this year has been warp speed and I think it is only picking up the pace.  I did manage to get a couple of projects done, and hopefully, I will be decorated by the time Halloween is here.

These are my Halloween DIY Deco Balls

This is what I start with.  I fell in love with this cute spider web bowl from The Dollar store.  I just glued it onto a Dollar Store candle stick and it instantly became an elegant bowl for decorative balls.

I think it is so cool.

These are my Halloween themed decorative balls.

These are the supplies I needed.

I had extra bugs from a sensory project I did with the kids.  Now on to the individual deco balls.

Fly Ball (this is in honor of my softball player - a fly ball to catch -- haha)

This one is just rolled rosettes (my favorite flower).

I cut little squares of tissue paper and mod podged them on.  I really liked the shinny finish.

This one, I just twisted the strips of fabric onto the ball and secured it with hot glue.  The fun green one is just mod podged.

This one is my favorite and I am making a few more.

I started by soaking strips of Dollar Store gauze in my coffee.  I took the strips outside and let them dry completely.

It just gave it an older appearance.  Then, I just wrapped the ball to look a little messy.

Added some google eyes, and

popped him on top of my bowl.

By far, he is my favorite.  Hope you are are having a spooktacular time this Halloween season.

Happy Haunting.