Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Grassy Easter Glass Block

I love Spring and Easter.  My husband loves the Fall, don't get me wrong, the Fall is equally beautiful.  Spring is just a time of renewal and rebirth.  I remember when my brother passed away (four years ago he was only 39), my aunt reminded me that John was like a tree in winter dead, but with spring (Jesus in his heart), comes renewal and rebirth in heaven with Jesus.  I instantly felt better.  So, here is to my Cowboy, John, Happy Spring Baby Brother.

I still enjoy my glass block, but, it is getting harder to come up with things to put inside.

This year I decided to fill it with fake grass and Easter Eggs.  This is all I needed.  I cut the grass into two rectangles (it was easier to handle when putting them into the glass).  I then stuck the light through the back of the grass and shoved it in the bottom.  I used the tongs to put the Easter eggs in and fix the lights a little, added a cute bow, and TA DA... done!

Oh Hoppy Day!


Egg-a-Rrific Chalkboard Picture

This is such an easy project and I love the black and blue together.  

Remember this frame?  I used the red one for my Valentine Hanging Hearts.  I love these frames and got them for very little at Michael's, so, I couldn't help myself and purchased five (in different sizes of course).

 This cute little decal, I got at WalMart.  I wanted to use them on my large glass storage containers, but, they didn't want to conform to the rounded surface. 

I just cut some white burlap to fit under the glass and popped the sticker on top.  I tried my hand at a little chalk art, but, I think my kids smudged it a little.  The bigger they are the higher they can reach.

Anyway, have an "egg" cellent day!