Monday, August 29, 2011

Night Light

Over the weekend, my kids had a cold and they were up and down all night long.  I got up at one point and stubbed my toes on the laundry cart.  I mean like 4 of them hard, OUCH.   I think the bathroom light is too bright to leave on, so, I made this:

A night light.  It gives off a nice light and smells good too.

Here is all you need.  A bag of Potpourri (I got mine at Wal Mart).  A string of lights, a rubber band and a doily (I also got it at Wal Mart).

I know I got my lights at Wal Mart on clearance last year after Christmas.  I think I paid like .50 cents for a string of 20.  I always grab a few boxes.

Pick your jar.  I like this big pickle jar.  Mason jars also look very pretty.  Just put your lights in the empty jar.

Plug the lights in so you can see how it will look.  Move them around while adding the Potpourri. 

Fill it to the rim and place a doily on top.  Secure it with a rubber band.

Choose a ribbon, raffia or twine to make it pretty.

There you go.  I made two and still had a little potpourri left over.

See how they light up the bathroom?  When the lights heat up, it makes the potpourri smell even better.  One year, I gave these to the ladies in my family for a Christmas present.  This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine....... You can include a Bible verse.

Happy Crafting, Rhonda

Monday Again

Monday is here (boy, they come fast).  I was busy all weekend

We had our first football game of the season.  To be a football player in Arizona, you really have to love the game.  I know it was 110 on that field, and they run and hit and never miss a beat.  I was sooo hot.

Both my boys love football.  James played from the time he was 8 and now he coaches.  Matthew started when he was 7.

When I got home, I had high hopes of getting a couple of projects and  ALL the laundry done.  Well, that didn't happen at all, my dryer went on the fritz.  I think it almost caught on fire.  A load of my sons mesh shorts was ruined (melted them).

This is just a small portion of laundry to be done.
I am too embarrassed to show you the rest (four full baskets and a sorter).

While helping my husband with the dryer (that man can fix ANYTHING, and, did), my youngest daughter came to me saying she wasn't feeling well, and, she had a fever and cough.  Two more kids came down with it too.  I think it is our Welcome Back Cold from my little ones.

So, for now, I am praying that everyone is well, and, your laundry is few.  For me, I have two home sick and a PILE of laundry to do today.  However, I am excited to show you a little project I did last night after the kids and hubby went to bed.  See you soon.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hump Day Crazies

Is it a full moon?  Did they eat pure sugar with a caffeine chaser this morning?????   I think I am going to change my name.  I only hear Miss Rhonda, Miss Rhonda, Miss Rhonda......  Anyway, there is only one thing to do:

Take one or two handfuls as needed.

Have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tortillini Soup

I found this recipe in a Taste of Homes Cookbook a few years ago.  I made it once and the fam fell in love with it.  I have taken it to church potlucks and never have any left, and I always give out the recipe.  For a crowd, I combine this with the lasagna casserole and big salad.  They barely have room for dessert.

It is soo easy, it's embarrassing.  It is a brown and dump recipe.  Here is what you need:
Mild Italian Sausage (If I use links, I just cut it up into chunks)
2 12 oz cans of tomatoes (I just used a large crushed, I use it for all my sauces)
1 can (drained) green beans (or frozen)
1 can of condensed French Onion Soup
4 cups of water
1 bag of broccoli slaw
1 bag of frozen cheese tortellini

Brown the sausage.  I always blot up most of the fat released from the sausage.

Dump in the tomatoes, soup, and water and bring to a low boil.

Dump in the broccoli and green beans and simmer until crisp tender (about 5 min.)

Dump in the frozen tortellini and cook until tender.


I have wanted to make my soup the minute  I saw this recipe on the {Busy Little Ladybugs}.
Please go to her blog to see what they are supposed to look like and how you are supposed to make them.

Because, I burnt the poor little things to death......  I knew they were almost done when I started to talk to my Oldest Daughter.  They smell really good right before they burn ; (

I scrapped as much as I could off, and still put cheese on them.

Here is the soup.  Soooo Good.

Cheese toast was still good.  I bet it is Super Duper Good if I didn't burn it.

I really don't even think they noticed.  They all said, "mom, this is the best!"  I can hardly wait to make it again and do it Right.....  They ate ALL of it.....

Happy Cooking.  Rhonda

Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Things - Entry Way Shelf (Bird Houses)

I have seen the Ballard inspired shelves all over.  This one isn't really a Ballard looking shelf, but, it is my cure for not having a fire place mantel, and, I just had to have one - ha ha.

This is another dollar arrangement.

I got the bird houses at Michael's for my daycare kids.  I only paid $1.00 for them.  They were so cute, I got myself a couple too.

I painted the roof only, and two different shades of green.

The candlesticks, I painted white.

I got the cute little bird in a nest and bowl from the .99 cent only store.

I put the bird houses on the candlesticks, and inverted the bowl to make a resting place for my nest.

I painted an old picture frame white.  I used scrapbook paper to mat a free printable subway art.  I don't remember what blog I got it from (I'm sorry).  I got the little bird from the .99 cent only store too.  This is my most favorite pitcher with my Dollar Store flowers.  Oh, I made the bow for my daughter's hair (it has a hair clip on the back).  I guess I will give it back after summer - ha ha.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Tator Tots and Jello had this subway art for back to school.  I liked it and replaced my summer one.  The bird cage, I rescued from outside and repainted it white.

There you have it.  I think the center urn is too big, but, other than that, I liked it.  I will leave it up just a while longer.  I am getting very excited about the Holidays.  Oh, I have a plan for above my shelf now.  Yeah..

Thanks for stopping by. 

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Another Thrifty Weekend

Look what I found this weekend.  I was busy running around with the kiddos, but, I still found a little time to stop at a couple of garage sales.

I know this is boring, but, I have wanted one of these for a long time.  I didn't buy a new one because, one, I have six people and it is a little small, two, they are between $20.00 and 40.00 dollars.  That is just too much to pay for something you may not use.  This one was whopping $3.00.  Yeah, I will let you know if it works out.  Maybe, it could hold all the sporting goods??  What do you think?

Two large picture frames for $5.00 combined.  You will see them soon.  I totally have plans for them.

I am a sucker for white dishes and canisters total of $6.00.  This little wire contraption (chicken wire, yum) is for holding glasses and a pitcher.  If that is not correct, please let me know??   The holes are small and I don't know if I can find glasses that narrow.  Anyway, I just couldn't pass it up for .50. 

Wooden bowl and candle sticks.  They totaled $2.00.  I also have plans for them.

All in all, I think I had a pretty productive day.  The whole lot was under $20.00.  Let me know if you had a great thrifty weekend.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Friday Everyone

Football, Softball, and Cheer, oh my.  I love the smell of pencils, paper and new school clothes.  I love the pitter patter of little feet in my home again, but, it also means sports kick into full gear around the roost.  We have several activities this weekend, so, I will be posting again next week.  Until then, have a great weekend.

My Older son coaches, 56 is my younger son.

This is my catcher, so tough and loves to wear ruffles.

This is my older daughter, she is cheering for her Community College this year.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Things - My Dollar Hutch

Here is another one of my summer scenes, I got everything on this hutch for a dollar or under.  I love bargain decorating.

I love this arrangement, so simple, just white.

I got these rocks from the Dollar Store, and the flowers were from there too.  I got them in a couple of shades of green (the ones in my vintage pitcher) and white.

The ceiling tiles are from the thrift store, I only paid  .99 for each (I got four).  I also got three smaller ones for .49.  I really don't know how I am going to display them, but for now, I like this. 

They still have the original paint (I sprayed clear spray paint over them to keep them from chipping, I don't know if there was lead in the paint).

The bottoms are just some candle holders I got three for only $1.00 at a thrift store (should I paint them white?). 

The tea light holders are from the Dollar Store too.  I didn't pay over $1.00 for any thing you see.  I have had the vase for a very long time, and I think it was a gift.  This is why I love the Dollar Store so much.  You can always find something to to make you smile. : )

Thanks for coming by.  Rhonda