Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Entryway Shelf

This week, I haven't had many kids.  It seems they all have been ill.  With fewer kids, and nice days, I have been outside and crafting up a storm.  I think I have two more post ready to go, and I have at least three projects in the makes.  I have to remember to pace myself so I don't end up without any posts after Easter.  Well, I think I am finally done with my entryway shelf and my red hutch.  These are the main areas I decorate for any holiday.  I had fun this year, made a couple of new things, and, I always repurpose something.  

Here is where my repurposed Eggs in a Nest rest - he he.

I made this when I made my wreath.  I didn't really like it at first.  I wanted to use the pretty speckled eggs, but, I just didn't have enough and I can't find them anymore.

I still don't know, what do you think?  Should I keep this one, or,

my vase with pastel eggs?

Pin wheels are tricky for me.  I love how everybody uses them.  I will continue to try them until I get them right.

This is my repurposed tree.  I have used it for Christmas (snowflakes), Valentines Day (glitter hearts), and now for my Easter eggs.

That's it for my entryway shelf.  It sits across from my transformed bookcase.

This is my big red hutch.  I love it, and, it sits in my living room.  Under the shelves, in the cabinets, sits my stereo.  I will show you that one day (when I get out music under control).

I got the Easter spelled out in eggs at Target.

I got my Spring sign and egg holder at the Dollar Tree last year.   The bunnies below, came from there too.

I love how my ribbon wrapped candle arrangement turned out.  It makes me smile : )

This is on my dining room table.  I really like the two tiered tin thingy I got from Hobby Lobby.  

The candle stick was from a recent thrift store visit.  I will have to show you some of the cool stuff I got (talk about SCORE...).  I just tied a little ribbon on my candle.

I have a little brown hutch that I put my DIY frosted vase and flowers on.  I just love this little basket, and, I think the bunny matches it pretty good.

Last, but, not least, is my glowing floral arrangement.  I repurposed it from Christmas.  The little bunny sitting on top of my tea lights is a sweetie.

I hope you enjoyed my little Easter parade, and, I hope you have a very Happy Easter!


Martha Labels -- I'm in Love

I had a coupon for the new Martha Stewart labels at Staples.  Not only did I get the chalkboard stickers I wanted, I grabbed a few lot more.  Just look at these beauties.

The metal bookplates are like stickers -- they are the ones I used on my binders.

Now, here is how I have used some of them.

Awesome chalkboard labels.  Did you see the extra large one that some brilliant person used with a painted picture frame -- why wasn't that me (he-he)???

All of these containers came from the Dollar Tree.

I love these -- when you are done, they come off so easy.  They are perfect for little containers from the Dollar Tree.   These are the ones I used with my Bookcase Transformation. 

These are called ElastiNotes - those are little rubber bands -- Genius!!!!!

These have me so excited, and I have a project for them real soon.

Happy Labeling.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eggs in a Frame

These are my little Easter eggs.  I used to have quite a few decorations, and, over the years, they have disappeared.  So, this year, I am having fun creating a few new ones.  

I started with these (from Michael's)

This from my stash.

Some paint.

Pretty paper.

And that is that.
My Ester decoration post is coming soon.
Hoppy Crafting.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pretty Frosted Vase

I love flowers and plants.  The only thing is, I kill all things green.  Well, not everything, cactus can usually survive me.  Anyway, my niece got me some pretty pink flowers.  I am not a pink person, but, it's Easter and pink is allowed.  

Here they are.

I did put them out for Valentines day remember?

Well, I wanted to use the flowers again, but, not in the same vase.  I don't own many vases and I wanted a special one for Easter without spending more money.  I remembered the paint I got at Michael's on clearance.  What a shock when I painted a picture frame thinking it was going to be a light pink and it was a pearl or frosted -- YIKES.....   But, I thought it would pretty on a vase and I wouldn't waste my paint or extra supplies for the Halloween apothecary jars.  ; )

It was a pretty frost, but, the pink is hard to see.

So, I gave it another coat of paint.

Can you see the pink shine?

In the right light, the pink is ever so soft.

I like it -- it's very feminine.  I might put in on my nightstand after Easter.

It goes well with my little egg basket and bunny too.

Hoppy Easter.