Monday, August 19, 2013

A Restfull Day and a Entryway Shelf

Well, we are all back to school and work now.  My older kids start college tomorrow and my younger kids and I have been back for over a week.  This is the first time I have been glad to see it gone and ready to start a new school year.  This is the first day of the rest of our lives.  I have been saying that a lot lately.  I think with all that has happened, and the fact that both of my babies are in High School this year, have had a lot to do with it.  The week before school starts is when my work really gets going.  I have my daycare kids and sometimes their older brother's and sister's too, so, that paycheck is what I use to get my kids school clothes and supplies.  It is just a week before school starts and we shop like crazy to get it all done in one weekend.  

Even though I was tired, I got up this morning at 5:00 so I could put a load of laundry in before church.  I started my coffee and was sitting on my sofa when I decided not to go to church, or start on the house and laundry right away.

I just put my head back and dozed a little, drank a little coffee, and got a little inspired.  I really needed that and feel so much better.  After looking at all the magazines, I got excited about redecorating my Entryway Shelf

when I realized that I haven't even posted what I have had up for the past month or so.  I really love my tray (I also have one with roosters).  I had my eye on it for quite sometime at Michael's.  Then one day, I went in and they were 80% off - YIPPEE!!  I was so happy, I bought both for under $10.00.

Isn't is pretty?

I also go a few bottles and some pretty stones (everything 80% off).  In the morning, I really enjoy the light hitting all the pretty colors.

Did I mention flowers too?  I have to admit, I went a little crazy.  Now, the pretty white vase, I made by hot gluing a dollar store vase to a dollar store candle stick and painting it a glossy white.  I wrapped some twine and tied on this pretty key.  It was on clearance from the jewelry section.

I have really enjoyed this, but, I am ready to start something different.  I hope you all stay tuned to see what is next.

Have a great week.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Birds of a Feather (or Paper)

Oh where, oh where has Miss. Rhonda (that is what my little daycare kiddo's call me) been, oh where, oh where has she been?  I have started so many drafts trying to explain why I was away for so long, but, they were really boring and depressing (my father-in-father passed away during this time).  So, trying to keep this short, this is just a little of what was going on.  We have four vehicles.  At one point, three of the four were out of service.  It was a little tricky tyring to coordinate rides.  I remember my son walking home from work and my daughter being the last one picked up from practice quite a few times -- that was fun.  While we were getting the vehicles running, my washing machine, hot water heater, and freezer (very stinky) went out within a three week period.  Oh, and we had a planned trip to Oklahoma for a softball tournament - we rented a van to get us there.  We spent the first night in the stairwell during the second tornado to hit Oklahoma City this past summer.  That was terrifying after driving through Moore.  Did I mention that my camera quite working the night before we left for Oklahoma, so, I didn't even get any pictures.  Boy, I feel so much better getting it all out, but, as my mom used to say, "excuses are like bottoms and they all smell bad."  So, let's just say that I was too busy feeling sorry for myself letting life get in the way.  Now, to make myself feel better, I did craft a little.

I got this cute little craft book at Target for the kiddo's.  I only had one little one and needed a little something to do over the summer.  We had a great time making these and I wanted to share it with you.  

I had all the supplies you need on hand:  an empty cereal/cracker box, colored paper clips, pretty scrapbooking paper and some double sided tape.

You just draw a bird form (or, can you say duck?!) on the cereal box and cut it out.

Fold your scrapbooking paper in half and trace your cut-out on the fold (so you have two connected birds).

Add your double sided tape, and

attach your paper clips legs.

Fold the two wrong sides of the bird together and there you have it.  To get the bird to stand, you do have to work with the paper clips a little.

They were so easy and cute, I made a few more........

This is definitely a fun craft for kids, and me.

Happy Crafting.