Friday, January 31, 2014

I Love Pick Your Plum

I got this darling little frame from Pick Your Plum with one purpose in mind.  I have never done a Washi Tape project.  This was perfect for one don't you think?  It doesn't just have to be for Valentines Day either.  A sweet picture of anyone would just look Divine.

I just shot it with some Heirloom White paint and distressed it a little.  It matches all of my other decorations on Big Red.

This is how it came.

Did you get one of these?  Let me know how you fixed yours up.


2014 Valentine Glass Block

Happy Friday Everyone!  I have been working on my Valentine decorations and wanted to show you my Valentine Glass Block.  I really enjoy my glass block.  I won it at Bunco a few years back, and, use it for every season.  

In the morning, I love to turn it on and pour myself a cup of coffee.  The light is just right to sit, enjoy a cup of coffee and pray for my family.

I got my cute lights from Target's dollar spot.

I repurposed my LOVE letters from a previous project,

slapped on a bow and called it Love at first sight - ha ha.

Let me know how your decorations are coming along.


Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentine Heart Necklaces

Hi Everyone, I am hoping that you had a great weekend and a great start of a new week.  I finally finished my project and I am so excited over these little pretties.  I have been looking at polymer clay for sometime now.  I used to watch a crafting show and they had polymer clay projects all the time, but, I was always too afraid to try it.  I am always so happy when I do what I tell my kids, "just try it, what is the worst thing that will happen".  Because usually, I'm amazed and wonder why I was intimidated in the first place.  So, this week, whatever intimidates you, just try it.  I know you will be pleased with the outcome. 

I used some ribbon and cord I had in my craft supplies instead of a chain for a couple of them.  I just used ribbon clamps, cord crimps and jump rings to achieve a more professional look (I was just going to tie them at first - ha ha).  I found that on YouTube too.

To make the hair pins, I took the end of the hair pin and dug a little clay out so that my pin would fit in there and lay right.  I used e6000 glue - I hope it holds (sorry, it is not a very good pic.).

The green love necklace, I just used a couple of rubber stamps and rubbed some green paint in it (that technique, I have to practice).

What do you think?  I like of like them.  I am not a jewelry person, so, it is really hard for me to come up with ideas.

This is what I started with.  They are Pearl, White, and Ballerina Pink.

Before you roll it out, you need to condition it.  To do that, you just work/squeeze it in your hands until it is soft.  Then I rolled it out sandwiched between a piece of wax paper.  That just kept the surface smooth.

I used the smallest heart cookie cutter I had.

Cut it out like a cookie and I used this to make the hole in the top for a jump ring.

I looked on YouTube and found a tutorial for the roses.  That was it, and, I was so surprised how easy it was.  Oh, after getting them ready, I baked them in a 275 degree oven for about 15 min.

The tough part was adding the jump rings and figuring out which chain to use.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Target Dollar Spot Hanging Shower Storage Thingy

I am just checking in today to let you know that I am working as little much as I can in my kitchen cupboards this week, and, I hope you all are having a productive week too.  I am, not as fast as I would like, but, productive none the less.  I was at Target over the weekend and came accross a few dollar spot items that just made me smile.  Here is one:  

This little ditty is a Hanging Shower Storage thingy.  I looked at it, picked it up, put it back, and finally put it in my basket.  I was going to put it in my kids shower when I had a great idea.  Now, I have purchased a couple of items, in the past, just like this and had no idea what to do with it.  I would take it out of the packaging, look at it, scratch my head, hold it up in various places, and then give it to my organized friend or sister.  I was determined not to do it this time.  So, I tried my beverage station.  On the inside cupboard door, it fit perfectly, and, I just straightened that cupboard out a little and had a basket of odds & ends I didn't know what to do with.  Guess what?  It fit...  So, I grabbed hooks from the Dollar Tree, and hung that baby fast before I chickened out.  

Well, what do you think?  It fits perfect right?  You don't know what a break-through this is for me.  

I filled it with fun stuff like coffee stirrers (I never use them, because, I forget I have them), tea, my favorite sugar in the raw,

and below my sugar, my little coffee via packets, and coffee scoops.

I emptied one entire basket, and now, I won't forget I have this good stuff.  My husband is excited because he knows where his large coffee scoop is.  He likes his coffee really strong (has been trying to grow hair on his chest for a long time - hee hee).

Please stay tuned, because, I have been working on a little Valentine craft that I can hardly wait to show you.  I should have it ready by Friday or Saturday.

Happy Organizing!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Countertop Organization (2014 - 52 Weeks to an Organized Home)

Ok, ok, I know you have heard it before -- I am going to get organized this year, and, this time I MEAN IT.  I really do mean it.  Weeelll, I hope so, maybe, anyway, I am going to try again.  I took a look at the list for 52 Weeks Organized Home, and, I am on my way, again.  I know I will get behind, and, there may be some challenges I will not participate in.  Knowing this, maybe I will stick with it longer.  I will also need encouragement from you to be successful, so, let me know if you like what you see.  Going by the 52 weeks to an Organized Home, here are my Kitchen Counters.

This is usually my counter.  You can see bowls, my Diet Dr. Pepper, M&M man hiding in the back and coffee filters.  I think I used the coffee filters in a craft project??!!  I always think, I will put that away in a min.  First, I will get a bottle for the baby, or, change a diaper.  I will do anything I can think of before putting things away and more times than not, I just add to it.  That is so silly because, what I have found, is, that it only takes between one and five min. to put things away.

I am already ahead of the game here.  I took everything off the counter (usually I just move things around a little), cleaned it good with a magic eraser and a spray of Hard Surfaces by Clorox.

I need to put my dish soap in a pretty bottle, but, I didn't let myself get off on that tangent.  Usually, I will stray from the big job to play with the little stuff.  I got an index card and started a list.  This will be all the pretty things I want to do after the big job is done.  For me, that is something to look forward to.

At the end of the counter, I wanted to make it functional and pretty.

I don't have that many wooden cutting boards (one, I turned into a chalkboard), but, I love the cat.  One of my daycare parents made that for me when I left Colorado.  I always kept it in the cupboard and nobody could see how cute it is.

I sold Pampered Chef for about three years and I earned this pretty tray.  It's purpose, is to hold the large round pizza stone.

I really think it is pretty and made well too, so, I put it on the end of the counter too.

YEAH, I love this paper punch.  Santa put it in my stocking (I must have been a good girl this year).

I have had so much fun making labels with it.  I am using black contact paper to make my own chalkboard labels

These little dudes are so cute.  I got them in toy section at Michael's and shot them with a glossy white paint.  I think I did this project last summer.

I also shot some paint on some lids to empty pickle jars and the small one (I just love that shape) was a jelly jar and glued my rooster and hens on top to make my own pretty storage jars.

When placed on the Pampered Chef tray, it looks pretty and it keeps the kids snacks easy to get.  I added another jar and instead of painting it right away, I decided to add it to my list of things to do after chores are done.

For color, I added this little darling.  He is so colorful, he just makes me happy.

There you have it, all clean and ready to go.  I am doing my best to keep it that way.  Oh, the biggest jar with the rooster on top, I got from Big Lots a few years ago.  It was the inspiration for the smaller set.  All in all, I think it goes well together.

This is the small counter between the sink and stove.  It has my little helpers.  When I get a little crazy, I take just a couple of M&M's.  They are good for the soul (not the butt).

This used to be solid brown.  I made it for Halloween one year and finally gave it a face lift.  What do you think of the new color?

Ok, I know this looks a little bad, but really, it isn't at all.  It can get really covered.  This is a HOT spot in my house.  When I say hot spot, I mean WILD FIRE!!.  Everything goes here.  The kids drop their papers, phone, empty water bottles, dirty dishes etc, etc, etc...  I put my water, wipes, clean diapers, bottles, mail (even with my paper station at the end), groceries, glasses, coffee cups, half eaten anything, and I know I can go on for a while, but, you get the idea.

I need to take care of this mess once and for all.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

This another Pampered Chef basket.  It holds my 9 X 13 stone.  I love it for all my goodies.  I even keep a little brown sugar by the stove (and I wonder why my butt is forever growing).

I put things away (again, only 5 to 10 min.) and what I was left with was my day care files, index cards (I love index cards for so many things) and a few pieces of mail.  I found some pens and actually threw the ones that didn't write away and filled it with ones that do.  This I did for my husband.  He gets so crazy when every pen he picks doesn't write and really, there isn't one that does?!  Does this ever happen to you?  I love this white thingy.  I holds my index cards just right.

I put the mail where it goes (you can go here to see how I made this) until Friday and put my little calculator in there.  It makes it easy when I have to add days and different things for my daycare.  Now, the paper in front of my daycare files is awesome.  I used to just have everything on an index card, but, this form is great.  

I have all of my daycare parents phone numbers on it.  That way, if someone gets hurt or anything, I have it right at my finger tips.  No matter how messy the counter is, I always know where this is.

There it is, all cleaned off with only my water on it.  Now, if I can only keep it that way.  I will keep you posted.  What are you organizing now?