Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Anniversary Baby, I got you on my mind..........

Jeff and I were married Twenty Seven years ago today.  It was a very small wedding in a very small town.  Only close family and friends were there.  Jeff and I lived in Texas at the time, and knew that most of our family wouldn't travel to us, so, we went to them.  It was on a Tuesday because that was the only day the miners of the families were off.  

I thought the cowboy hat was very Texas - ha ha.

My mom is in the pale blue dress and Jeff's dad is on the end (right).  They are both in heaven now.

Here we are twenty seven years later in the same church we were married..............


This is my family at my father-in-laws funeral.  A very sad day.  He was a great man who fought harder than anybody I have ever known.  He was a man of honor, character and touched everybody he knew in such  a positive way.  He is greatly missed.

This is hopefully the end of a very long string of unpleasant events.

God Bless you all.