Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Canister Set

I bought my white canister set last year at a garage sale for about $5.00.  I have had so much fun creating seasonal canisters just by changing up some cute scrapbook stickers.  So, I get a new canister set each season for around $3.00 (I always get my stickers on sale or with my 40% off coupon).

I love these.  Just plain white and ready to become anything I am in the mood for.

This year I chose some cute ornaments.

This was last year's design.  I still just LOVE this one.  I believe they were part of Martha Stewart's Christmas line.

These are just fun.


Now, to get into the Christmas Cookie mood - he he.

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  1. Now aren't you clever!!! How simple, sweet and perfect! I love the ornaments for this year, but there is something so subtle and perfect about last year too! The fun part is you can change them up for just a couple bucks! YOU GO GIRL!!!


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