Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Egg on Rice

Good morning everyone.  I am really busy packing Christmas decorations, working on my office area while cleaning up the kitchen.  My kids helped me this Christmas with dishes and cleanup, but, I need to go back and put things where they belong.  I think they just open my cupboard doors and throw things in there.  Anyway, while working away, I got hungry.  I made some blackeye peas yesterday and had some leftover rice.  Ooh, egg on rice is my favorite quick breakfast.  Here it is -- soo very easy and sooooo very good:

Heat up some leftover rice.

Fry and egg anyway you like it (it is better with a runny yoke).  I use a little butter to fry mine in, because, I love the butter flavor.

Plop that egg right on top.  

Make sure to mix that yolk up with the rice.

I know it seems weird, but, it really is delicious.  I make it for my kids when I am out of bread.  I got the idea from Lucinda Scala Quinn - Mad Hungry.

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  1. Looks like a good dish. I bet it would be filling too.


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