Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Canister Set

It has been a while since I've decorated my canister set.  I got them at a yard sale three years ago and still LOVE them.  They are just plain and white with nice flat surfaces which are perfect for stickers. 

I got my Christmas stickers at Michael's.  They're simple,yet, elegant at the same time.

Yum, coffee...

I love how I can change these out for all seasons and holidays.  Do you have Canister Love?


  1. Those came out great, and I like that you can switch them up too. Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync!

  2. I am a complete lover of stickers for projects. Often times it is my number one go to project accessory! Cute canisters! Following via G+ and Blog Lovin'...thanks for mingling with us on Mom's Monday Mingle!

  3. This is adorable!!!! I love it!

    xo & now following

  4. Those are adorable. :) I'm with Rosey, I love the idea of being able to switch them up to showcase different holidays. Very clever idea.

    Thanks for coming by my blog, I am now following you on GFC. :)

  5. Hello there! I came across your blog, thank you for sharing all your wonderful projects! We invite you to link to our weekly linky party and blog hop every thursday, hope to see you there! Have a great holiday season!

  6. Hi Rhonda, thanks so very much for the sweet comment you left on my blog Little Brags on the loss of our Newfoundland Brucie. I wanted to reply directly to the comment but you came up as a non reply blogger. I follow you now. xoxoxo Christine


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