Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Love Shadow Box

Hi everyone, I just wanted to check in to let you know that I will be returning soon.  I only have one more week of daycare and we will have a little break.  I watch mostly teacher's children so I drop way down in the summer.  I am only open a couple of days of week for crafts and fun.  It also keeps the kids in contact with me so it is not such a shock when school starts again.  I have been wanting to share my shadow box with you for sometime now (since Valentines Day).  I made it for my Red Hutch's Valentine display.  I liked it so much I decided to keep it and hang it it my bedroom.  I still can't believe I got the shadow boxes (I actually have two) from savers for only $1.99 each.  I LOVE them and can hardly wait to fix my second one. 

I did add a little pink to our wedding picture to tie it into the pink heart.  Here is how I made the heart.  I also painted the Love sign to match my black and white vintagey (is that a word?) feel.  It used to be bright pink.

The flowers are from Pick Your Plum and I made the cute burlap rosette.

I got the key for only .50 cents from Micheal's when they had all of their dollar (1.50) items on sale.  I got a few other things and will have a couple of crafts soon.

I even got to use on my clay hearts.  I just tied a little lace and ribbon on.

Well, that's it for now.  I also wanted to tell you, THANK YOU.  Thank you for following along and leaving me during this crazy year.  I appreciate you all and look forward to regular posts and visits with everyone.

See you soon.



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