Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Challenge #1 -- Junk Drawer

I have started the 21 Day Challenge hosted by A Bowl Full of Lemons.  I know I am late and cannot link to her party, but, I am really exited to start.  If you still haven't done it, please start with me and we will do it together.    The first challenge was a Junk drawer -- so, here is mine:

I emptied everything out and cleaned it with good ole soap and water.

Darn, I forgot to get new shelf paper, but, it's clean........  I sorted through and put the stuff that goes to another area in a box.  This is what I was left with.

I love my labeler and dry erase markers.  I also keep my melting wax in here too.  I will add some chalk soon...

Here are a couple more before pics:

And afters:

I was so exited to use my sectioned basket (from my thrifting trip) that I forgot to take a before picture :}

This is my plastic bag/lunch drawer

I also keep moist wipes for lunch boxes.  During the school year I put plastic spoons, napkins and salt and pepper packets in here too.  It makes it easy to make lunches.  Extra twist ties and B-day candles are in here too.  I label snack bags for easy identification.

This is my controlled mess.  I just can't seen to part with any of my pampered chef gadgets...  ha ha

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