Friday, December 16, 2011

Little Chicks Gingerbread Houses

My little chicks had a blast with Gingerbread Houses today.   It's always a mess, but, they have a great time.  I just used little school lunch milk cartons (I have my connections), gaham crackers, frosting (I had white and a little green), assorted candies and waffle pretzels make cool windows.   Here they are:

Just a little messy and a whole lot of sugar (the kids are outside running and screaming -- woo hoo).

Here are my girls - SO much fun.

If you haven't done it with your kids, you gotta try it.  I just let them create (I may help with the structure a little).


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  1. Great Job Rhonda

    That the baby Jesus to bring all good health, harmony, unity and joy. And a Happy new year


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