Monday, April 2, 2012

Features and Stuff

Oh my golly gee, I have been so blessed this past week.  I have gone to my favorite party places and was so surprised to see my projects.  I get such goosebumps and squeal with glee.  Thank you to all that have featured my Easter and Spring crafts.  Please go over and check them out.  If you are a party girl like me, add them to your list and follow along.

Please click on the underlined text (I am button challenged)........


Crafty Mom's Share -- Eggs in a Frame

Ameroonie Designs -- Pinterest Inspiration


A Rosie Sweet Home Sunday Round-up -- Mason Jar Easter Basket

Happy Hour Projects -- Eggs in a Nest

Happy Hour Projects Easter Craft Challenge Finalist -- Please go over and Vote for my Mason Jar Easter Baskets -- what a hoot if I win.

Craft Junkie Too Friend

TGIF Friday Link Feature -- Mason Jar Easter Baskets

The Grateful Belly  --  Mason Jar Easter Baskets

WOO HOO party girls -- party on..........



  1. Hi there! I came and followed via BHE - follow back? <3

    Anyways, I can help with the button thing! It's super easy in blogger. Once you've embedded your image, just highlight it (sometimes its fussy and takes a second try) and click 'link' and put the address in the link field! To test if it works just right click and see if it says open in new tab/window.

    Take care!

  2. LOL my BF left his account open. This is mine :/

  3. It's so exciting to get featured, isn't it? :) You did a great job, you deserved it!

  4. No wonder you're features so muc - your projcets are great, Rhonda!
    Gladly following back :)

  5. I found your blog via Rosie Sweet Home blog hop and I'm your newest follower (would love a follow back!)

    Now, isn't it fun to get a feature - I get so excited, but also humbled that my project is picked out of all the other fabulous projects!

    Have a blessed day -
    Carol @arewethereyet

  6. Thanks so much for the shout out on the feature….love the project. :)


  7. Thank you for participating in Show Your Stuff Blog Hop, You are invited to come back:


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