Friday, May 4, 2012

Hair Bow

Hi Everyone, I have missed you.  It just seems like every time I am on a roll, life gets in the way.  I have had a lot of life get in the way right now.  Thank you for always being here when I come back.  Last weekend, Jean had another softball tournament.  She loves the bows my older daughter, Lee, wears for cheer.  I had some ribbon and some sequined ribbon.  This is what I came up combining the two.

Lee's bow on top of her head.

Wide orange, blue sparkle, and silver sequined  ribbon.

Hot glued the blue sparkle ribbon on to the orange.

I wrapped the sequined ribbon around the middle knot and glued.

Using a felt circle, secured a hair clip.

There it is.  She can take it off when she puts her catching gear on and when she bats.

She liked it, and so do I.



  1. I was just thinking after dinner tonight that I needed to email you and check in. I was starting to worry. I'm glad you're back. I missed you! I love your ribbon by the way. So cute!

  2. Very creative! I think it came out great.

    Stopping by from the Friday blog hop.

  3. I completely understand about life getting in the way. I hope you're hanging in there. Your bows are amazing!


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