Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Office Makeover Part 1

I have been working on this little home office off and on for quite sometime.  I am almost done, and I wanted to show you half today.  

This is what I started with.  It was a matching bookcase to the one I used in my daycare launchpad below.

You can go here to see it.

I painted the bookcase my Heirloom White and distressed it with a piece of sandpaper and a dark stain.

I went a little crazy with shade of green for about a month.  It really isn't my shade, so,

I recovered my magazine holders with just a craft brown wrapping paper.  I keep office supplies and my older copies of magazines that I just can't part with yet.

I love the mail sorter.  I still can't believe I got that at Saver's.  Should I paint it yellow too?  Anyway, I love it because it helps me remember to mail my birthday and anniversary cards on time.  I really do need all the help I can get in that area.

I found the olive green locker boxes at The Dollar Tree and liked that combo a lot more.  I keep office supplies, my label makers, and receipts in them.

I wanted to add a cork board to the back of the bookcase and found these cute little frames in my stash.

To give them a little character, I stamped some sunflowers on the cork.

  They were white, but, I thought the yellow would tie them in with my yellow office chair.

The old milk can was passed down to us by my husband's mom.  It was on a farm from her childhood.  

Oh, and the best part.  I touched up the paint on the little bit of wall next to the bookcase.  Wow, my kids knock the tar out of it.  I love how nice it looks -- for a while.

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  1. haven't you been the busy little beaver!! It's looking great.

  2. I am looking tonight for inspirational posts to help me clean and organize my craft clutter. You have several interesting tips here. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh wow- an home office where you can see the floor...gotta get me one of those. ; ) Here from the Thumping Thursday Hop- BB2U

  4. Great organizing pieces. Looks awesome. Visiting from Fireflies and Jellybeans linky party. :)

  5. I really like the distressed look. You did a nice job with everything here!

    I'm visiting today from Thumping Thursdays.

  6. Lovely ideas! I need to do this. In case you missed this you were one of the featured bloggers last week Here:

    Sorry I didn't get over sooner. I have been sick this past week.
    Theresa @

  7. Loving the lime green!!

    New follower from the hop :)


    Hairspray and High Heels

  8. What a cute update! I love the baskets with tags!

  9. Great office makeover. I am working on my office right now too. I would love it if you would share this over at my link party.

  10. Love the makeover, the new color scheme looks cleaner somehow. ~di

  11. The green colour is actually soothing to the eyes, but since it isn't your shade, covering your magazine holders with brown wrapping paper still works, it complements well with your paint.

  12. Well done, Rhonda! Looks so tidy! Thank you for linking it up with us.

    A new party opens again later today. I hope to see you there again. Stay in touch! ~ Rose

  13. Stamping the cork boards is a great idea!

  14. Green is great, but adding some light-coloured items, not necessarily the neon-coloured ones can make the office look livelier.


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