Monday, July 18, 2011

21 Day Challenge - Master Bathroom

I just looked at the calendar and "FREAKED OUT".  Do you realize that school starts in three weeks.  That means teachers go back to work in two.  Which means, I HAVE MY KIDDO'S back in two weeks.  What happened to the summer??  We did go to Colorado for a week for my daughter softball and site seeing.  I will post some pics soon.  Back to my FREAKING OUT.  I have to get a few things done in the remaining two weeks.  Here is my list -- the pantry, the laundry room, the fridge and freezer, spice cabinet, kids bathroom, mail center, bill paying station, and last but not least, the kids craft and school area needs to get under control.  I will be going fast, well as fast as I can..... 

So, here is my master bathroom.  Please be aware viewer discretion is advised...........

I used to think I was organized -- you can see remnants of past attempts.  Wow what happened?

It looks like my toddlers were playing in here. 

Everything out and gross out just a little, ewwwwwww.   I never did put shelf paper in here????  I cleaned it well with soap and water.

I will get the drawer too

I always keep a Pampered Chef pot scraper in here.  Good for getting toothpaste off the counter and  out of drawers.

Wow, I am always amazed at how much junk I have.  I threw a lot of stuff away and relocated a few things too.  The empty spot is where I was sitting, ha ha.

Wow again.

Ok, this must be why I didn't put shelf paper.  I have to be honest and tell you that I had a moment.  My kids were coming in and out.  I took all of the backing off at once, so, it ripped a little and stuck a lot.  I wadded it up and threw it at my poor daughter.  She thought my fit was funny and decided to wear it like a dress??!!

Oh, there you go, don't take all the backing off at once  ; )

Another Dollar Store find.  I love these boxes because they come in cute patterns and colors.

They snap together.  How cool.

I got a plain for me and one for the kids bathroom.

I put my cotton and feminine products in mine.

My drawer looks so much better with shelf paper.  I washed the organizer too.

YUM, lunch break -- my daughter made this for me.  It is a romaine lettuce leaf with pesto, ground turkey and feta cheese.  This is so yummy and healthy.  We always keep ground turkey in the fridge.  It is very good cold when served like this.

You just roll it up and enjoy.....

Back to work -- this is an empty oatmeal container wrapped in shelf paper.

I filled it with my pony holders and clips.

So much better.  I put my curling and flat irons in that drawer.  Wal Mart had all sizes.  My hot rollers fit nicely on top.  Yes, I still like to use hot rollers.

My helper shelf lets me stack shoe boxes.  One holds all my hubby's shoe shine stuff, and the other one holds my hair dye and travel size soaps, hairsprays, and lotions.  The stacking containers in the back hold alcohol, witch hazel, and extra conditioner.  The one on the bottom holds my hot water bottle and ice pack.

Much better and CLEAN..

Now, this is embarrassing.  I really didn't like the towel rack they had up.  Very ugly.  So I took it down -- well, almost took it down.  The cute wicker shelf is really for the kids bathroom : 0.  I tried to hide the other metal thingy that held the towel rack.

It left big holes in the wall and I got scared, so, I just left it.   Now comes the good part.  Since I have found Blog Land, and all the wonderful women doing amazing things in their homes, I am not scared any more.  Just look ......

Wow, so much better and it took me just minuets.  I took the other metal piece out and filled the holes with a little white spackle that I already had.

I also had this shelf in my garage.  I  will install it to hold a small lamp I refinished after I paint.  I want to paint my room and bathroom a light gray.  I think it will go well with my green accents.

The gray walls will make this shelf pop a little.

My shower and potty are in the room next to the sink.  I have this shelf in there now.  I think I will paint it white after I paint the walls gray.  Wow what a mess...

Much better........

I am so glad that is done -- on to the pantry....

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  1. Hello Nana, I love your blog, you have always been so creative, I love you. You are such a good NANA, thank you for taking care of Hayden, she loves to be with you.


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