Thursday, August 11, 2011

Monkeying Around

Changing gears, I love my kids.  I am known to do a lot of crafts, we decorate cookies and just have fun.  We decided to talk about monkeys today.  We ate banana's, played monkey see, monkey do, and made these adorable necklaces:

Aren't they cute?

This is all you need:  peanuts in the shell, pipe cleaners, brown construction paper, yarn,  Elmer's school glue, and I used an ice pick.

You take your ice pick and poke 2 holes on each side (arm and leg).  The one on top, I just poked the ice pick clean through.

You can see how the arm and leg just poke in, and the pipe cleaner goes all the way through the top for the yarn.  Dip your tip in glue at least 30 min before your project.  It helps the yarn stay together when you try to thread it through.  I also used the ice pick to help

I gave the kids scissors to cut their own.  Most of them just cut it ALL up and I supplied extra heads.  Some did a really good job cutting.

When you have them put the pipe cleaner arms and legs in, I had the kids dip the ends in glue and helped them put the pipe cleaners in the holes.  Then just have them put glue on the head and place it on top of the peanut.  Done.  They are so proud of what they made.  Oh, I use a Q-tip as a glue applicator.  The kids can handle it pretty good and it keeps messes to a minimum.

Have fun and just Go Banana's....  : )

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