Monday, August 8, 2011

Hair Bow Holder & Girlie Things

I was on my home from YD's  (youngest daughter's) softball tryout, and stopped at Saver's.  This is what I found.

I thought is was very cute and for $2.00, it was just what I was looking for.  The girls want to redo their room, so I am looking for things to put in there.  This is perfect for holding necklaces and different jewelery.  The little shelf on top can hold glasses, or a small box.

I love the molding on top.

I also found this at Hobby Lobby about a month ago.  It will look cute with it.  It can hold my YD's robe.

Now, this is their hair bow/flower holder.  My YD got into the flowers this past year and they were everywhere.  So, I made this.  It was very easy, and for normal people, will take no time at all.

I am sorry that I didn't do a tutorial, but, I wasn't blogging when I made this. It is very self explanatory and again, easy.

I found this very large picture, and the frame was just what I was looking for (kind of chunky) at a church rummage sale for only $2.00.  It had a hideous oil painting of a quail.  I took the oil painting out of the frame and primed and painted it white (just the can at Wal-Mart for .99)  Distressed it, and that was it for the frame.

These are the supplies I used.  I love that Tacky Spray.  The wood filler is for later.

So after I finished the frame, I ironed my material (I got a quarter from Wal-Mart $1.29), Then I sprayed tacky glue all over that ugly oil painting and laid my material over smoothing it as I go - Easy Peasy.

(Have I told you that I love Rosettes??!!)

The next part was the trickiest of all.  Cutting the chicken wire (from Home depot - around 6.00) and stretching it over the covered painting.  I used a staple gun and stapled it in place.  It kind of hurt my hands (not gonna lie).  But, I did it and it only took about 30 min..

Here is the back.  Now, when I was putting the covered canvas back into the frame, it was tight (another good thing to know).  I used a small hammer and it just wasn't doing it for me.  So, I got a sledge hammer (now you know why I had the wood filler, oh, and wood glue).  That was NOT a good idea.  Now, I really know what, to "smithereens" means.  I was so upset.  I think I cried a little and there definitely was some stomping.  Mine did take a little longer to make because I had to piece the frame together, glue it, fill it in, let it dry, re-paint it, and re-distress it (I think the distressing looks better now -- ha ha).  Then, my husband took a rubber hammer (never knew it existed) and lightly tapped into place.  That my friends is one of my Lucille Ball moments.

These are some hair bows I have made - very simple.

So, this is also going to go into my girls room.  I hope we can start to paint soon.  Just getting back to work, so I can start a few of my projects.

This really is easy and should only take the average person a couple of of hours ; )  After my melt-down, it only took me two days.  grrrr  The whole thing only cost me about $10.00.  I went in half with the chicken wire.  I had a girlfriend make one too.

Here it is again.

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  1. Very, very cute hair bow holder! And I am also really impressed by your busy book! I am saving this in my inspiration folder. I'm your newest follower!

    Brie from

  2. Very cute. What a great way to organize (and display all of your cute bows and flowers). Thanks for sharing @ Lines Across My Face. I hope to see you again next Monday.

  3. Really pretty! and useful too!! Thanks for sharing it with us :)


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