Wednesday, August 10, 2011

21 Day Challenge - Busy Book

Well, this has to be the end of my challenges.  My daycare is in full swing, my two Jr. Highers went off for their first day of school, and I'm pooped.

I remember when they were in 1st and 2nd.  Now, 7th and 8th.  I have to quit blinking my eyes.  : (

Off to catch the bus.  We live in the desert.  It even looks hot.

Ok, back to my binder.  I know everybody calls their note books, Home Organization books, but, I call mine a Busy Book.  My kids use it, and say, "mom, where's the busy book?"    I keep all phone numbers and schedules in it.  It used to have a lot more in there, but, I have simplified it, and I have additional binders that I will show you later.  I keep the kids folders (school papers, etc.) in my mail center. 

You guessed it, a rosette.

I just used my cricut to cut my letters, and scrapbook paper to decorate.

Here are my forms:

This is my AM / PM schedule.  If you double click, you can read it.  I just hand write it in pencil (it changes all the time).  But, for now, this seems to work with the group of kids I have, and my kids schedules.

This is my Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually schedule.

Daily at a glance.

These, I have gotten on line.  There is a web called Organized Home that has a whole notebook ready to print.  I like some of their forms like this one, week at a glance.  My daily form (Hit List) is from Family Manager.  I don't know if she has it any more, but, you can google it.  I like it because it groups everything into categories, and I like the daily time list for appts. etc.

I also love this little book mark.  I think I got in a day timer years ago.  It just holds my place in my notebook.  I have a week at a glance on one side, and daily pages on the other.

I usually buy a calendar insert, but, this one is at Organized Home too (I like free).

Your usual address pages fill the end of my book.

I do love this sheet from Organized home.  I have one filled out with all of our favorite take-out places.  I also have a pouch with menus in the very back to support the numbers.  This is a great example of what I have in my address book, and why my kids like to use it too.  Organized home has generic forms for numbers.

I have this one filled out for all of our family's cell phone numbers, and dad's work numbers.

This one is the best.  I have one filed under, Neighbors (numbers, addresses, kids names and birthday's), each child has all of their friends and coaches on one filed under the child's name, my Bunco group has one, home stores, one for my Day Care families, and one with all my Christmas addresses.
I think I use this form the most.  I like the fact I can add as much or as little information needed.

At the very end, I have a couple directories.  I just three hole punched them and stuck them in.

That is basically my book.  Thanks for stopping by.


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