Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Cards

It's time to make my February Cards.  I really don't have any birthdays or anniversaries this month, so, I made my family Valentine cards.

Michael's had all of these stickers on sale for .75.  I thought they were cute, and I didn't have to buy any new stamps.

I did have the "Kiss Me" stamp from last year.  

I love my glitter hearts.  I got those at Wal-Mart.  I think this my husbands...

This one is for my oldest daughter.  She has always liked black (even when she was very young - scary).


This one, I really like.  I just learned how to to make those pin wheels.  It took me a little time (and a you tube video) to figure it out.  I put it on a double folded card.

Love those "Semi - Homemade" cards - he he.

That was it.
Happy Crafting.



  1. These cards look great! I love that they are all so different, you obviously put a lot of time and effort in to them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are so cute! Thanks for linking up over at Handmade On Humpday!

  3. Rhonda, I have a suprise for you. Stop by when you get a chance http://thenymelrosefamily.blogspot.com/2012/02/versatile-blogger-award.html Thanks!

  4. Those cards are precious and so much prettier than store bought. Vicky from Mess For Less

  5. Very cute! I LOVE handmade cards-they are the best.

  6. Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing them at Sharing Saturday!!


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