Monday, March 26, 2012

Binder Queen

Ok, a little about me.  I had my tax meeting last week, so, the week before, I was a little crazy knowing that I had to get ready for it.  I cleaned my fridge, I made little mason jar Easter baskets, and even a Spring egg picture.  I organized my binders and even really cleaned my kids bathroom.  I guess I was a little nervous and thought my numbers were in the fridge, kids bathroom cabinet, etc........  The one good thing I did was organize my binders and get my calendar in good working order.  So here it is.  Oh, my numbers were not in my fridge, I finally had sit down and put it together.  I am so glad it is done........   Now on to more fun things.  

I had to get a new calendar this year.  I used to have the giant magnet one with a whiteboard, a strip of cork and then the calendar that hooked in.  It was hunter green and about 15 years old.

This one I like.  It has a lines for all the kids.  I put every one's name and then their schedule.  We are all color coded too.  I am turquoise blue (yeah I love blue).

It also had this really cool weekly whiteboard in it.  I put my weekly cleaning schedule up to keep me on track.  The bottom part I put my two youngest kids chores on it.

I really like the names.  I only had to write it once.  The only problem I have is keeping my pens.  They always walk off.

Well here they are, aren't they pretty?  I love binders.  I have always loved binders.  Back in my previous life, before kids and daycare, I worked.  I worked for the Vice President of Finance of a property management company.  I was his Administrative Assistant.  We had tax audits now and then and I helped out on one project.  I took his list of information needed, organized it into categories, made a table of contents and filled it up for him.  That is how  I earned the name "Binder Queen" and was asked for, by name, by all the tax people from there on out.  I have always kept things in a binder.  It makes it easy to retrieve and purge when needed.  There was a time when I was very active in church and I had 12 binders going at once.  I really felt in power -- ha ha.

So pretty.....

This is my address book.  It used to be included in my Busy Book.  But, I like it on it's own.  I really use it for all sorts of things.

These are self explanatory.  I have all emergency numbers and my address/cross roads etc.  I have all of that just in case a babysitter is here or the kids are so freaked out they can't remember.  I also have my husband's, our aunt's, and neighbor's phone numbers on this one.  All my forms came from Organized Home Printables

If I look it up, I write it down.  I have Wal-mart, Target etc.
I keep this information in the front of my address book.

I have this filed under Restaurants.

This is right behind it holding our take-out menus.

I put all information needed for that family.  How many kids, kids names, birthday's, even pet information if needed.

Each one of my children get their own page.  I have coaches, friends, schools, place of employment, etc. on this and filed under their first name.  If I ever need to find them, I have all the numbers I can think of right here.  I even have their current photo.

This is my newest and funnest.  My project book.  I can see this one taking off.  It is small right now, but, it's growing daily.

I am goofing around with a few forms of my own.  Blog ideas.

My current challenges.

Pictures of things I would like to do.

New hobbies.

I even put the kids chores in here.  I wrote things down so I didn't have to tell them every night.  I used to just say clean kitchen.  They would look at me strangely because they didn't know what that was.  So, I wrote down item for item to help them out.  They really don't have to look at it anymore, but, every once in a while they need a refresher.

I love this table (Country Living).  I also want to start a section for home improvements and re-decorating.  That's it for projects.

This is my Daycare Book.  I used a post-it pocket on the front as my deposit pocket.  I hold all payment checks to be deposited, a small calculator and the deposit slips.

I keep my own phone directory for all my kids.  I have emergency numbers, Dr., and dentist numbers in here.

I have handbooks, good job certificates and one set of permission slips.  I also keep a copy of the phone directory and permission slips in my car.

This is the most important part of my planing day.  Just like I plan my families meals, I  plan everything for my daycare week.  I do all my shopping on Sunday afternoon and get all craft supplies ready for the week.  I make sure I have enough diapers, and extra clothing so I can let them know before the end of the week.  I like to give them the weekend to get my supplies.

I keep a copy of our school calendar.

Most important - my payment log.

If you have things ready and organized, your business runs so much smoother.

This Binder holds all my Food Network Recipes.  I am a Junkie.....

Nothing too special, just another recipe book.  But I think it is cute -- ha ha.

This is my baby, my Busy Book.  It is in a small binder now.  I think it's easier to take with me.

This is a repeat of emergency numbers.

Place for cards.

My schedule am and pm.


School Holiday's.

Monthly chores.

Birthday list (it's upside down).

Daily Docket from Simple Mom's Pocket Docket

A section for my goals.
That's my Busy Book and you have already taken a look at my Coupon/Meal Planning Book.

They all go here in my cabinet near my mail center.  I also keep what cookbooks I need for that week.

This cool basket is from Savers to hold odds and ends.

That's it.  Next week I will show you my bill paying and filing system.  I should be catching up now.

Thanks for peeking in.

Queen of the Binder's


  1. Love the binders!!

    I'm making a recipe one today, so thanks for sharing! Great ideas!

  2. Wow - you are very organized. I still struggle with organization a little. I keep changing the way I organize things. I'm just optimistic that over time I might eventually find what works best for me.

    Thanks for sharing this!! Thanks for linking up to Romance on a Dime!

  3. Amazing! You are so organized. Love your binders and how unique they all are. I'm trying to get there in organization. I found that binders are amazing. I have been using for kids medical records, school papers, school pictures, address book, home management binder, finances binder, and many more. My goal is to update each one and have the top shelf of a bookcase for them. Easy to find and at reach level, instead of the bottom shelf.

  4. A woman after my own heart... all of that organization in the binders is amazing! I love it. We have a party link up going on right now... Would you mind linking up with us? You might get featured.. Thanks

  5. Holy Cow! You have SOOO inspired me! Stopping at the Dollar store on my way home from work to pick up binders! Thank you so much for sharing, I have been wrestling around for months on how to get better organized and could not figure out a way and I just stumbled across your post and Whoila! My questions have been answered! thanks again!

  6. For someone that says they are messy and unorganized (I can relate unfortunately) you seem very organized. I guess for people like us, we have to work harder at it. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I'm going to put a binder like that for my household too.


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