Thursday, March 29, 2012

Martha Labels -- I'm in Love

I had a coupon for the new Martha Stewart labels at Staples.  Not only did I get the chalkboard stickers I wanted, I grabbed a few lot more.  Just look at these beauties.

The metal bookplates are like stickers -- they are the ones I used on my binders.

Now, here is how I have used some of them.

Awesome chalkboard labels.  Did you see the extra large one that some brilliant person used with a painted picture frame -- why wasn't that me (he-he)???

All of these containers came from the Dollar Tree.

I love these -- when you are done, they come off so easy.  They are perfect for little containers from the Dollar Tree.   These are the ones I used with my Bookcase Transformation. 

These are called ElastiNotes - those are little rubber bands -- Genius!!!!!

These have me so excited, and I have a project for them real soon.

Happy Labeling.


  1. Love them! I have the chalkboard labels and I can't get enough. I never really like Martha Stewart, but I love her organization line!

  2. These are so cute! I am going to have to get some for myself! I am hosting my first linky party, would you stop by and share these?

  3. Cute! I definitely want to grab the chalkboard label ones! Stopping by from the "Linky Follower Party" hop! You can find me at!

  4. The chalkboard ones are cool, as are the elastinotes!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Label love! I didn't know where to get these beauties so now off to Staples as well as basket searching I must go!

  6. I love Martha's labels! Just used her Kraft labels for my recent spice cupboard organization! Stop by and take a look! :)

    Jen at the Social Home

  7. Everything is so cute! The Dollar Store has some great stuff for organizing. Your blog name made me laugh! My blog is I should have named it My Messy Roost!! ha ha!

  8. U got in early. I got mine after Christmas clearance. Luv!!

  9. Following u 2. looks like we got common ground.


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