Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Star Helper Stepping Stool

Boy, this week is flying by.  It is already Wednesday -- Love, Love, Love Wednesday -- Hump Day!!!.  I wanted to share something that I have been doing for at least seventeen years.  I started the star helper when my oldest child was five.  He would fight with his sister over who got to help me with lunch and dinner, and, who got to sit in the preferred spot in our van.  I really don't understand how one side of the van is better than the other, but, it was a very big deal.  To end all of the crazy fighting, I started the star helper.  That day's star helper would get to help me in the kitchen, sit in the preferred van spot, hold the door open, turn the lights on and off, and anything else they would fight over.  As they got older, it would include being in charge of the little ones when I had to go potty.  It worked so well that I use it in my daycare too.

I used an old plastic stool for years and years which worked fine.

However, you just can't imagine how THRILLED I was to find this awesome step stool at Savers.  When I saw it, I sprinted towards it scaring every poor soul in my path.

The hinged top and compartment, is my favorite part.  I just knew it would be my Star Helper's stool.

I painted it a shining star yellow and used a cookie cutter to stamp some stars.

My little ones were so excited they wanted to help too.  I let them all stamp a couple of stars and then,

they each got to pick a star for their name and decoration.

That was such a fun project for them and it got them even more excited about helping out.

Now, there is special equipment when you are a Star Helper.  A package of wipes, sanitizer and the star helper's special apron.

I also included a stack of certificates to let their family know what a great job they did as a helper (I love The Dollar Store).

This is my little helper waiting to wash her hands and help with the mac & cheese.  They get to cut the butter (with a child safe knife) and put it in, pour the milk and cheese, and finally stir.  Oh, I almost forgot, they also have to think loving thoughts about their friends to put the love in.  We all know that love is the tastiest ingredient.

Before the kids are called to the table, we put a squirt of sanitizer on a wipe for them to scrub their hands clean.  It really saves my back and water on the floor - he he.

The Star Helper also gets to choose what color everybody gets.  All my bowls, plates and cups are solid colors.  The girls love pink so much, the boys want some of that pink action and feel so special when the get the pink and pink cup.  However, they  all know their colors very early because of the color choices being made everyday.  I have six kids and only four cup colors.  So, we get to mix and match.  Pink and green or pink and pink.  It is so funny to hear my one year old say I want pink and pink please.

I was so excited to share this with you and hope you can incorporate this fun activity into your busy day.

Who will be your star tonight?!



  1. Super cute idea! I think i'll do something like this at my house for my little cousins. Thanks for sharing. I love that they painted little pictures on them too. I hope your having a great Wednesday!


  2. This is so cute! Mu daughter would love something like this! Thanks for sharing!!

    I would like to invite you to my linky party, Thrifty Thursday!

    Hope to see you there!


  3. I think this would work really well for us! the plastic ones skid and the star help idea is so cute.

  4. So cute that they helped you make this stool!

    Thanks for sharing last weekend at The Best Blog Recipes @The Weekend re-Treat!

    Hope to see you again this week!


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