Wednesday, February 6, 2013

True Confessions of a Messy Chicken

Happy hump day.  Wow, It is already February and the whole month January was lost hiding.  Yep, you heard me, hiding.  Who have I been hiding from?  Well, you silly.  That's right, I said you.  Why, you ask?  Well probably because I think I have you fooled into thinking that I am a little organized, when in all truth, I am one messy chicken.  I want to be organized so bad, but, it has always been a real challenge for me.  I sign up for challenges with such good intentions and when it is time to get to work, I FREAK OUT.  Instead of having the feeling of accountability, I just get so overwhelmed and embarrassed that I have to hide.  I hang my head and go on about my messy business.  Oh, and the excuses -- I have too many kids, my kids are too old and make even bigger messes now, and, my husband doesn't really care if the house looks like this.  So, no more excuses and I am not going to FREAK OUT anymore.  I am going to take it slow (inchworm slow - with a missing half inch slow).  I have been working on my office and will show that latter.  Today, I just have to start with the kitchen.  No more excuses, here I go:

This is the space on the right side of my stove.  I love to cook and have my pinch bowls near by.  It makes me feel a chef on The Food Network - he he.

I got so excited that I started before I took my before pictures.  All three of these containers held cooking utensils.

I sorted all my tools by, plastic, wood, silver and sharp (that's a whole lot of  utensils).

Rats, this also means that I have to clean out my utensil drawer.

I took everything out of my wicker tray.

These are the utensils I decided to keep on my counter.

I have only the utensils that I really use.  I also have my garlic, oils, vinegar and hot sauces.  Look, only one utensil container now - yeah.

I love my pinch bowls.  I have one for coarse salt, pepper and table salt.

I put a few utensils in the drawer, and

I started a box for the utensils I have decided not to keep - more about that later.

I think this is better.  Now, on to the rest of the counter.

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  1. I love your Pinch Jars. I definitely need a tray with my basics near my stove. =)


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