Thursday, September 8, 2011

Den Re-do

After posting the pictures from my den yesterday, I decided to really get started on this project.  I know my weekends are totally full for the next five weeks.  My son's have football and my youngest daughter has tournaments for the next five weeks.  I love to watch her play, but, they are both Saturday and Sunday.  Anyway, I found these frames at the thrift store a while back. 

The detail really didn't do anything for me.  I almost passed them up.

The one thing it did have, was that there were four.  My dear hubby keeps telling me that I need to put more pictures of the kids up, so, I snagged them just for that reason.

And, they were only $1.00.

Meet Baxter.  He is in desperate need of a haircut.  He is always willing to help me or just give moral support.  He is so funny and he doesn't talk back - ha ha.

Well, last night I thought I would paint one.

I liked it so much I painted them all.

Including the candle holder.

The one thing I didn't like, is the best part of the painted frame.  I LOVE how it turned out.

After I painted them, I took some sandpaper to them and then some stain.

The effect is just what I was looking for.

I am still not sure if I like the candle holder, but, for only .50??  Maybe for the holidays?

I like how the distressed white looks against my tan wall.  This has really given me a bug.  It may take a month or so, but, I will get it all done. 

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