Thursday, September 1, 2011

Heat, Sniffles and Dirty Clothes

I was doing up a few lunch dishes looking out my kitchen window and thought I would say a little prayer for my followers.  I prayed that you were all well, happy, and that your laundry is caught up.  I then started to feel really sorry for myself.  My laundry is not caught up, I'm actually thinking of giving it my den, kinda like a guest room.  My cold feels worse after taking the kids outside for just 15 min. to get their crazies out.

Arizona is so hot right now.  I looked in my car, and it said it was 113, my poor little plants are curling up during the day.  : (

My nose was burning and I felt like I just spent 15 min. in a furnace.  I actually feel like a little one myself, every time I bend over, my nose runs -- grrrrr.


Then, I saw this verse, so, I decided to suck it up and get over it.  I took some more cold medication and got the laundry ready for a few loads.  Here is wishing you health, happiness, laughter and always clean clothes.....


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