Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Laundry, I mean Labor Day

I hope everybody is having a great Labor Day.  I think we are over the hump and that pesky cold is on it's way out the door.  I have spent that last couple of days doing nothing but laundry and sanitizing all door knobs and what not.  Those of you who follow me, I know you are probably tired of my winning about the laundry. 

Well, I have good news, my laundry is a bit more manageable, and, I have high hopes of getting completely caught up this week.  Yeah, if I do, I will treat myself to something fun.  Anyway, remember this post?

I have already finished the project with the apple picture.  I will start the larger picture this week.

Now, I wasn't quite sure if I would like this sorter.  Can I tell you?  I LOVE it.  I can wheel into the kids rooms collect and sort the laundry before I get to the laundry room.  I even put a garbage bag in one of the spaces and traveled through my living room and den collecting trash in one, things that belong in another room in one, and dirty clothes, socks in the last space.  It really helped me save time.  Now, since I love it so much, I decided to make it pretty:

I think it looks much better...

I just printed Laundry out with my Cricut and made a stencile then painted it with black paint.

Added some rosettes.

And, there you go, even laundry can be a pretty chore.



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