Tuesday, February 19, 2013

President's Day Treasures

Happy Monday Tuesday everyone.  I hope you all had a great Monday.  I run a small daycare and have mostly teacher's kids, so, I was off too -- Yeah.  I got a little housework done, my ribbon sorted and taken care of, and, I got to go treasure hunting.  I haven't been to any thrift stores or garage sales in a long time.  We are so busy on the weekends, I just don't go anymore.  I had a great time.  I got coffee, a scone, and hit the stores.  Since it was a three day holiday, the stores had been hit hard and picked over.  However, I did get away with these beauties:

These frames are so pretty.  They don't need anything done to them.  I think the girls will love them.  Please don't pay any mind to my reflection in the glass (here's looking at you kid) - ha ha

I love the jewels.  

I don't have egg cups, and, with Easter right around the corner, I just couldn't pass these by.

What a wonderful jumbled mess.

Six candle holders in there and for only $2.00 (my heart went pitter patter).  I have great plans for these.

This is cool and small.  I was thinking shadow box?!  It is just a small tray.

Maybe, for my perfume.

Now, I did have to stop by The Dollar Store.  I got this cute little white dish.

Just perfect for my glasses.  I have readers that I loose all the time, this will help tame them down a little.  I love the shape.

What??  The cutest little birdie salt and pepper shakers for only a dollar?!!

My heart is singing.  Can you hear it?????

What did you do President's Day?



  1. Hi Rhonda! I had to work, but I do get to stop by a thrift store about twice a week, when I pick up my grandbaby, just to see what's been marked down. LOVE the tray - those little birds look pretty perched there ;-)

  2. Love your finds! I want to go shopping with you. The frames are adorable and I LOVE the dollar store!

  3. I love white milk glass and anything white!! Awesome finds...wish I could have them!!! lol

    Kate @ Uniquely Undone
    (new follower!!)

  4. I found your link at Sew-licious thrift store party. Boy, did you get some really great stuff!! Love the Dollar store finds also, super cute S&P shakers!


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