Tuesday, June 14, 2011

21 Day Challenge - Linen Closet

I did get my linen closet done.  I still want to get some new organizers.  In the summer, I have time and no money.  In the fall, I have money and no time.  I am going to do the Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace, so I can be financially consistent.  Anyway, another tangent for another day.  We bought our home 15 years ago and really have never done anything to make it better.   When I bought this house, I didn't notice that lack of a linen closet.  It also doesn't have medicine cabinets.......  So, I use my hall closet for linen, storage for my daycare travel beds, kids blankets, and coats.  It amazes me how much stuff I can get into these small spaces.

This was a perfect example of the WRONG container for the job.  ; )
That clear container is too low and looks terrible.  What was I thinking.  You can also see a forgotten valentine decoration and a fish toilet seat cover.  Goodwill, here you come.

Here are my travel beds.  I like children under three to take a nap in a travel bed, so I don't have to worry about them wondering around at nap time.

Look, more beds and blankets.  We live in Mesa, Arizona.  How many coats do we have???????  That will be a job to do when all the kids are home to try things on.  Then, off to Goodwill they will go.

I even had filters for our air conditioner in here.  Really, look at those jackets.

I took everything out but the coats.

I cleaned the shelves with soap and water and vacuumed the floor.

I remember that tray.  I got it when my kids had the flu.   Hmm, Father's Day is coming up.  I may have to keep that.

A picnic basket that I have never used........

I sorted through all of this and put things away (like my daughters missing bathrobe), and bagged up everything else for goodwill.

I went shopping in my home and found these cute wicker baskets.  They were being used for the kids laundry, but, they will only get torn-up if I continue to use them for the kids.  They look kind of cute for now, and they hold my table cloths.  I have several of my mom's table cloths and I love to use  table clothes for my holiday dinners.  I also have some of the blue check material that I used to make my kitchen curtains.  I am always going to make a table runner.  Maybe I will get that done this summer too.  The green stacking baskets are from the Dollar Store.  Once I clean and organize my pantry, maybe my extra paper towels will fit in there.  For now, they will stay here and match my extra toilet tissue.

My travel beds stack neatly on floor.  I even had room for my husbands flags.

I did put my tray back on the top shelf with my son's quilt that Grandma made him.  I folded my bedding.  I don't have very much because storage has always been an issue.  We wash and put the same sheets back on in the same day.  I only have two extra twin sheet sets just in case someone gets sick or spills something in the night.  They look better folded and just placed on the shelf.  I can use that clear container in another part of my house.

I put extra blankets in these white stacking baskets.  They were used for the daycare kids diapers, clothes, papers, etc. before I got my wall unit.  I will show you the entryway soon. 

I think I am going to re-gift this picnic basket to my niece.  She will be moving soon.  I can pack a light dinner for her to enjoy while she moves in. 

 Well that was my linen closet.  I will call it a work in progress.  I love looking at everyone's blogs and how they do their linen closets.  If anyone has idea's that would improve my spaces, please, feel free to share them with me.

See you next challenge.....

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