Sunday, June 12, 2011

Challenge #2 - Tupperware Cabinet

Ok, now I know what "real time" is.  I can't believe how long it is taking me to get one cabinet organized and posted.  I know taking everything out of my cabinets, only to remember I invited a friend over for coffee doesn't help, but still.  Anyway, here are my before pictures:

I didn't realize how crazy they were until I saw them in the pictures...

This is were I keep all storage containers and daycare cups, plates and bowls.

I took everything out and filled my counter and ...

my kitchen table....  YIKES

You couldn't even see this shelf in the before pics.

EWWW, that is were the toaster lives...  I cleaned it well with soap and water, then

I replaced my shelf paper with this pretty green paper.  I love it.  It came from the Dollar Store.

I sorted through all my bowls and lids.  Only those that matched and were crack and stain free got to stay.   I used a helper shelf to make it easier to get what I wanted.  I have a habit of stacking too many bowls together and then I hate to put them back, so,  they just get thrown in.  This really helps to keep the stacks small enough to manage.  I also repurposed those white freezer containers to sort my lids by size.

I keep my toaster in here because I plug it in right above this cabinet.  After use, it is easy to put away.  I also put it on a tray to keep the crumbs from traveling too far. 

I love helper shelves.  I actually cleaned this cupboard out over six months ago,  and it has stayed this way.  However, I do need to replace the shelf paper.

See how I stack??  I need to extend my shelf or purge something.

This is my coffee cabinet.  It is supposed to be a desk, but, I turned it into my coffee station.  I have creamer and extra coffee in the cute baskets.  

When it was a desk, I just piled papers and lunch boxes on it.  This is much better.

Thank you for stopping by and I will be posting my linen closet soon.

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